Accessible Materials

If you are in need of accessible materials not available through the instructor, please contact Learning Support Services and speak to a Program Specialist.

Obtaining alternative format textbooks and materials are provided as an accommodation if not already available.

WCC has Readspeaker built into Blackboard to provide text to speech for information contained in Blackboard. Readspeaker will not read linked material.  Simply hit the Readspeaker icon to activate Readspeaker

Kurzweill 3000 and TextAid are text to speech programs, available for enrolled WCC students. Contact Michael Tran, LSS Technology Specialist for demonstration, training and to request an account,


Requesting Alternative Format Materials

Once you register for your course, or as soon as you know you need reading materials in an alternative format, contact LSS to make the request to the Program Specialist (for new requests) or Technology Specialist for continuing students.  Please provide:  1) a list of the books/readings to be converted, 2) the ISBNs of your books or location of readings, and 3) your preferred format (audio, PDF, RTF, etc.).

Verifying ownership of textbook/course reader

You can request alternative format materials with the proof of purchase provided to LSS.  You need to purchase your book in order to make a request.

General Time Frames

To be sure you have your alternative formal materials before the start of classes, submit your alternative format materials request during class registration or at least 4 weeks prior to the beginning of class. LSS will make its best efforts to provide the material submitted by this time frame at least three days before the start of classes.

Braille and Specialized Text

Conversion for subjects such as math, chemistry, computer science, or foreign languages may take longer to convert given the extent of symbols and equations they contain. Requests for Braille may also take longer due to the amount of re-formatting necessary.

Appropriate Use of Alt Media

When you request alternative format materials you are agreeing to the following: Any materials provided to you by LSS may not be copied or distributed in any manner that violates copyright law. For example if you sell the original hard copy version of a copyright protected text, you must promptly return the converted alternative media version to LSS or self-delete your electronic version.

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