Resources for Assistance for Victims of Sexual Misconduct

If you are the victim of sexual assault, dating or domestic violence, or sexual violence of any kind - it is not your fault. Do not be afraid to ask for help or support. Help is available from these organizations:

There are many organizations and hotlines in every state. The crisis centers and agencies listed work hard to stop assaults and help victims.

How can I help someone who has been sexually assaulted?

You can help someone who has been abused or who has been assaulted by listening and offering comfort. Go with her/him to the police station, the hospital, or to counseling. Reinforce the message that she/he is not at fault and that it is natural to feel angry and ashamed.

More resources

Resources for stalking

Local resources:

WCC Resources:

The WCC Student Resource Center (SRC) and the WCC Counseling Office (734-677-5223) offer short term counseling services and referrals to long term community services to assist victims of sexual misconduct.

Other WCC Resources:

If you are a victim of sexual misconduct and have received federal financial aid, veteran's benefits, or are an international student; please contact the appropriate office below or the Dean of Students Office ( before making any enrollment changes.  Enrollment changes will impact your aid eligibility or visa status.

WCC Financial Aid Office 

WCC Wadhams Veterans Center
Veteran Student Advisor

International Students
F1 Students
International Student Advisor

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