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Washtenaw Community College offers more than 100 programs of study. We offer transfer options to schools in the Ann Arbor area like University of Michigan or Eastern Michigan University or to schools across the entire state or country.

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F-1 student information

Insurance: Each F-1 international student is required to have medical insurance for themselves and any dependent they may have with them while taking classes at WCC. We do not provide any specific service or recommendations; however, if you stop by the ISC or Admissions, you can find what is required for you to have from your insurance provider.

Tax information: Each year around April 18, international students are required to file taxes. Students who:

  • Have not worked, or have worked in the previous tax year but made less than $3,000 will still need to complete a Form 8843.  
  • Have worked and made over $3,000 are required to file federal and state taxes, in addition to a Form 8843

Contact us if you are one of these students and need assistance. We can refer you to the appropriate help. Unfortunately, we cannot assist you directly with your taxes.

Academic Support

Transfer Options

Washtenaw Community Colleges offers a number of transfer options to schools in Michigan.  As the number one transfer school to the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University, students are given great guidance on how to make the transfer process easy.  If a student is hoping to transfer to the University of Michigan, we offer the MPOD agreement for students to easily follow.  We provide transfer guides and articulation agreements to other schools to make the transfer process to other schools very easy.  If a student does not know where they would like to attend in Michigan, students follow the Michigan Transfer Agreement which allows them to take courses and decide on their program of study and transfer school at a later time.


Academic and Career Advising

The American educational system is often different compared to other countries. In the ISC, you are paired with an advisor who can help you with any questions, concerns, or advice regarding the selection of your courses and programs, and transfer colleges or universities.

We also provide career assessments to help you through the process of finding which career would be best for you interests and abilities. We provide testing in the Myers Briggs personality assessment and the Strong Interest Inventory

For help with your academic selections or career planning, please call 734-677-5102 to schedule an appointment.


Placement Testing

Washtenaw Community College uses a few different tests (Accuplacer for Reading and Writing, ALEKS for Math, and CaMLA EPT for ESL) to determine your appropriate course levels.  Please review the following information about the different tests or assessments that you could possibly take.
Please note: During the COVID-19 pandemic, the CaMLA test is offered only online.


Support Resources

International Student Association (ISA)

The ISA is a student-run club that focuses on the diversity that the campus  of WCC has to offer and making friends from all over the world. Accepting of all students, regardless of their background, the ISA strives to promote youth and leadership through understanding the cultural differences and provides students “a home away from home.” Contact the group via their Facebook Page.


Financial Resources

Loans: Loans are often limited for international students while studying in the United States. There are, however, a few options to pursue—check out the resources below. Make sure to read all of the repayment and interest notifications presented.

Scholarships: WCC can provide support in students applying for larger, national, and regional scholarships. Below is a list of scholarships international students are eligible to apply for. Make sure to pay attention to the deadlines and apply early!

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