Important WCC Terms to Know

Academic Caution: Students are placed on caution when their pace of completion falls below 67%, their gpa falls below a 2.0, and/or the student does not complete and receive at least a C in one of our developmental courses (see below for description).  Students' credits are then limited to 12.5 per semester.

Academic Warning: Students who were on academic caution and then were not successful in the next semester (as defined by caution).  Students' credits are them limited to 8.5 per semester. 

Add: When you register for a course on MyWCC, you ‘add’ the class to your schedule.

Associate Degree: An associate degree is a two year degree which can be obtained at WCC.  Associate degrees generally are around 60 credits. 

Bachelor's Degree: A bachelor's degree is a four year degree.  Students can take their first roughly two years at Washtenaw Community College and then transfer their credits to a University to receive their bachelors degree which is generally around 120 credits. 

Campus: The space that makes up the college or university.

Co-requisites: A requirement, which is often a course, that is required in cooperation with another course.

Credits: Often called a credit hour or unit, it defines the amount of value or time needed to take the course.

CRN: Course Registration Number.  This five digit number identifies a specific class section.  The CRN is needed to register for classes online through my MyWCC.

Degree: Is an official recognition of the completion of studies at a college or university.

Degree Works: A program that both students and advisors have access to at WCC which allow the student an up to the moment update of their current degree progress.

Developmental Course: A developmental course is any course below the 100 level or any of our ESL courses.  The goal of these of these courses is to help the student reach college level.

Drop: Dropping a course is a process completed in MyWCC where a student may receive a refund if this action is completed BEFORE the drop deadline.  Knowing this date is extremely important for all your courses.

Electives: Courses that are outside of their program specific courses, but still required for their degree.  These courses represent a variety of disciplines and allows for students to obtain well rounded education.

Financial Aid: Are grants, scholarships, or loans that can be provided to a student to help them financially in their studies.  Most of this aid is provided by the Federal or State government.  Students on a visa can only access financial aid if they own property in Washtenaw County or they work in Washtenaw County (please see Student Welcome Centers for qualifying factors).

Graduation: The completion of a students academic degree.

IELTS: International English Language Testing System evaluates a students understanding of the English language and is used in a students admission to WCC.

International Student Advisor: An individual who may provide you the student with support in choosing courses, programs of study, institutions to transfer your credits to, social support, career options, and any other needs a student may have.

Institution: A post secondary school dedicated to education and research and grants degrees.

Instructor/Faculty: An expert in their academic discipline who teaches courses at WCC.

MyWCC: Online source to register for classes, drop classes, print your class schedule, pay tuition, check holds, see your COMPASS scores, view grades, and much more.

Net ID: Username used to log into WCC Gateway.  Normally a combination of your first and last name.

Orientation: A requirement as a part of the admission process where students are given essential information about their studies at WCC.

Placement Assessment (Test): A test that is taken as a part of the admissions process which is used to determine the student’s appropriate levels for their course work.

Pre-requisites: Some courses require other courses or achievements to be met before they can be taken.

Program of Study: Your major or the area you wish to study while here and what your degree will eventually be in.

Register: Signing up for or deciding to enter a course.

SAT/ACT: Tests of academic abilities used in determining college admissions for American students.

Semesters: The term or length of school at a college or university usually lasting between fifteen to eighteen weeks.

Social Security Number: A nine digit number that individuals are given for work, taxation, identification and other purposes.

Student ID#: 8 digit numbered identity at WCC beginning with @00_ _ _ _ _ _

TOEFL: Test of English as a Foreign Language evaluates a students understanding of the English language and is used in a students admission to WCC.

Transcript: Your academic records from you institution of study including courses taken, academic levels, and grades are kept on your transcript. 

Transfer: Taking your credits from one institution (college or university) to another.  The courses you have taken can be counted towards a degree at another school.

Tuition: The fees associated with the courses the student is signed up for. 

Waitlist: The waitlist is for courses that have already filled their number of openings.  It allows students to put their names on a ‘list’ if any openings become available before the course begins.  Students on the waitlist will need to make sure and check their email everyday for notifications of openings in the course, as signing up for the waitlist does not mean the student is officially registered in the course. 

WCC Gateway: Portal to access MyWCC, Blackboard, Email, Account Balance, and College Resources.

Withdrawal: A ‘W’ is posted to your academic record for any course that is withdrawn from after the 100% refund deadline.  This W does not affect your gpa, but does follow you as you proceed with your education.

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