Code of Conduct

Professional code of conduct

When you’re at the Veterans Center, you should feel confident that you will not be exposed to discrimination, harassment, criticism, or any other emotional or physical harm. All those who use the center need to agree to and abide by our Professional Code of Conduct:

  • I understand that I will be held accountable for my behavior.
  • I support and will exemplify honesty, honor, and respect in my interactions.
  • I support our space as one that is free from discrimination and harassment.
  • I will display a positive regard for all members of the Wadhams Veterans Center and the College community in general.
  • I am committed to enhancing our community.
  • I recognize that respecting the dignity of every person is essential for creating and sustaining a flourishing College community.

Code of Conduct violations

If the need arises, the staff of the Wadhams Veterans Center will administer sanctions to the Code of Conduct as follows:

  • Verbal warning. Example: “Please discontinue that topic,” or “Please discuss that outside the Center.”
  • One day loss of Center privileges. The person will not be able to use the Center (except by appointment to conduct business with advisor or school-certifying official) the remainder of the current day and the entire next day.
  • One week loss of Center privileges. The person will not be able to use the Center for 1 calendar week following their violation.
  • Report to Dean of Students.