EMU Diverse World Requirement

If you plan to transfer to Eastern Michigan University (EMU), you can fulfill the EMU diverse world requirement at WCC by taking one of the listed classes. EMU will grant credit only if you complete the class prior to being admitted to EMU.

WCC General Education Area 2. 2nd Writing/Composition or Communication

COM 225 Intercultural Communication

WCC General Education Area 4. Natural Sciences

ENV 101 Environmental Science I
ENV 105 Introduction to Environment and Society

WCC General Education Area 5. Social and Behavioral Science

ANT 201 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ECO 280 International Trade and Globalization
GEO 101 World Regional Geography
GEO 104 Introduction to Cultural Geography
HST 108 The Ancient and Medieval World
HST 109 The Early Modern World
HST 123 The Twentieth Century
HST 150 African American History
HST 230 History of the Holocaust
HST 235 African History
HST 241 History of Women, Gender, and Sexuality in the Modern World
PSY 251 Education of Exceptional Children
*PSY 270 Social Psychology 
SOC 205 Race and Ethnic Relations

WCC General Education Area 6. Arts and Humanities

ART 143 African American Art and Culture
ART 150 Monuments and Cultures
COM 225 Intercultural Communication
DAN 180 Dance Appreciation: The World of Dance
DRA 180 Theatre Appreciation: The World of Theatre
ENG 181 African-American Literature
ENG 213 World Literature I
ENG 214 Literature of the Non-Western World
ENG 242 Diverse Children's Literature
FLM 150 International Cinema
HUM 175 Arts and Cultures of Islam
HUM 181 World Cultures Creativity Forum
MUS 180 Music Appreciation: Our Musical World

*Note: PSY 270 may transfer to EMU as PSY 309  Social Psychology or as a Perspectives on a Diverse World Requirement in Global Awareness.

More information on the EMU diverse world requirement is available in the EMU Catalog (under Curriculum Categories in the general education program page.)

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