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Leaving Vindolanda

skopera - June 18, 2019

There is so much I am going to miss about Vindolanda.

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People of Vindolanda

People of Vindolanda

Michael Zaccagni - June 11, 2019

Arriving at the site was very exciting. The train took us far into the country, and stopped seemingly in the middle of nowhere.

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Hadrian's Wall

The Backbone of Roman Britain

Aiden Barcome - June 09, 2019

Hadrian’s Wall is the defining monument to Roman Britain.

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Aiden Barcome - June 09, 2019

Vindolanda is indeed in the middle of nowhere.

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London Castles

Leaving London

Michael Zaccagni - June 03, 2019

Leaving London is like leaving a good, but demanding friend that you just met.

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British Castle

The Depth of Time

Aiden Barcome - June 02, 2019

As we were wading through the Museum of London’s archives this Wednesday, I heard something from our guide that sparked my interest.

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Stonehenge and Salisbury

Michael Zaccagni - June 01, 2019

Stonehenge is a site that most people hear about, and in the minds of the young and old, it is imagined as something magnificent and ancient.

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Buckingham Palace

The Monarchy is Personal Here

Aiden Barcome - May 27, 2019

I’ve noticed this phenomenon a few times already over here, and as a citizen of a nation that rejected the concept of a monarchy over two centuries ago, it’s strange to hear out of a person’s mouth these days.

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Canterbury Cathedral


Michael Zaccagni - May 27, 2019

Going to Canterbury Cathedral, I was instantly brought back to a part of my childhood. Growing up catholic, I was constantly surrounded by Gothic architecture, stories of Jesus and saints, and the smell of ash filling up my nostrils.

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