Blended Classes

Do you like the convenience of online classes, but also want the give and take of face-to-face discussions with your instructor and fellow students? Then blended classes are for you.

Blended classes combine the best of online and in-person classes. These classes are flexible because you do most of your learning wherever and whenever it’s best for you. You can do the online portion of your class work anywhere there’s a computer with a high-speed Internet connection.

Check the credit class schedule for a list of available blended classes —you’ll find blended classes in areas such as business management, communication, dental assisting, English, math, and psychology, among others.

If you’d prefer to see the entire credit class schedule , you can find blended classes by looking in the Section column for ”M” or the location column for “BLENDED.”

How blended classes work

  • Watch video lectures, submit assignments, and take tests on your computer.
  • Travel to campus—usually just once a week—for discussions with your classmates and instructor.
  • Do all of your schoolwork, including your online assignments, based on the schedule and due dates in the class syllabus. Blended classes follow the same semester calendar as regular classes.
  • Use Blackboard, an online class management system (located in your MyWCC account), for your work. If you ever have a problem with Blackboard, you can get help by calling or emailing WCC’s Blackboard help desk. It’s open seven days a week.

How to register for blended classes

You register for blended classes just like you do for in-person classes: during the registration period, simply log into MyWCC and register online.

Next steps

  1. Test your access to the Blackboard class management system
  2. While you’re in Blackboard, click on the My Courses panel and select the Online Prep Site to see what books or other materials you need. You also can find your needed books and materials by checking the class schedule.
  3. If you’ll use financial aid to pay for your books, authorize a financial aid transfer to WCC’s Barnes & Noble Bookstore. To do this, log into MyWCC and click on the  Financial Aid tab › Bookstore Information › Barnes & Noble Transfer Authorization.
  4. Order your books and any other materials through the Barnes & Noble Bookstore. You can order online, by phone, or at the on-campus store.

Pay your tuition by the deadline so you do not get dropped from the class.

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