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Name Department Role Phone Office
Burbo, Jason Learning ResourcesPart time Support Clerical(734) 973-3734
Buresh, Sandra Health SciencesPart-Time Faculty(734) 973-3358TI122
Burge, Josh UA Instruction & SupportDir Sprinkler Fitter Education(734) 477-8921SR102
Burgess, Sarah Business & Computer TechnologiesStudent General Fund
Burke, Judy Humanities, Social & Behavioral SciencesPart-Time Faculty(734) 677-5009LA 143
Burke, Starr Humanities, Social & Behavioral SciencesProf Faculty Behavioral Sci(734) 677-5217LA 353G
Burkel, Virginia ChemistryPart-Time Faculty(734) 677-5009LA 143
Burkey, Travis Welding & Fabrication DeptPart-Time Faculty
Burleson, Nicholas Public Service Training-InstructionPT Prof Service Teaching(734) 677-5024ML111
Burns, Erin Math, Science & Engineering TechnologyPT Support - Non Cler(734) 973-3455GM 307
Burrall, Vince UA Instruction & SupportPart-Time Faculty
Burtell, Kasia Humanities, Social & Behavioral SciencesStudent General Fund
Buryta, Matthew Humanities, Social & Behavioral SciencesPart-Time Faculty(734) 677-5009LA 143
Bush, Megan Humanities, Social & Behavioral SciencesPart-Time Faculty
Bush, Renee Public Service Training-InstructionPart-time Faculty - Timesheet(734) 677-5024ML 106
Butler, Dan UA Instruction & SupportPart-Time Faculty
Butler, Terrence Corporate Training & Lifelong LearningPT Trainer(734) 677-5060ML 104
Butts, Randal Welding & Fabrication DeptPart-Time Faculty(734) 973-3627OE 102
Bynum, Gary Facilities ManagementMaster Electrician(734) 677-5425LA M74
Byrd, Penny Financial ServicesCash Management Technician(734) 973-3514SC 200
Byrne, Cheryl Business & Computer TechnologiesPart-Time Faculty(734) 677-5431BE 200

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