Work Study

Like its name implies, federal work-study pays you to work part time at WCC or off campus while you attend school. It pays $16.39 per hour, and you can work up to 19 hours per week. The amount of your actual work-study award depends on your financial need and the available funding.

To be considered for work-study, you must:

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If there’s no money initially, don’t give up. It’s possible for funding to become available later in the year, so you should check with WCC’s Financial Aid office a few times each semester.

If you qualify for federal work-study, you will have “Federal Work Study” listed on your award letter and the Financial Aid office will send an email to your student email account. The email will explain how to finalize your work-study job, which involves contacting the Center for Career Success to learn what jobs are available and completing the required paperwork.

Where possible, your job will relate to your area of study or your interests, including community service such as being a reading tutor. You’ll receive a paycheck every two weeks.

If you’re awarded federal work-study, you can earn up to the awarded amount. Once you do, you’re no longer eligible to work.

Please note: Federal work study employees may not displace current employees of an organization. Work study employees, and their employers, may not solicit or accept gifts as a condition of employment.

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