Success at WTMC is limited only by your ability to dream, to dare, to accept responsibility, and to become dedicated to a goal.

WTMC prepares high school-aged pupils for success as full-time students in the adult learning environment of the community college. WTMC offers more than a high school diploma: every one of our graduates earns a technical certificate or associate degree of their choice at Washtenaw Community College. Tuition, fees, and books are paid for by the school.

WTMC’s teachers support students in learning to take responsibility for their own effort, education, and behavior. There are no bells, hall monitors or daily announcements to keep you on track. Students on our campus develop skills that help them set goals and monitor their own progress as they navigate the complex, independent college environment.

How it works

WTMC emphasizes skill development, not credit completion. WTMC requires each graduate to:

  • transition from high-school level course work to full time college-level course work
  • complete a set of core 100-level academic courses with a grade of C or better
  • complete either a technical certificate or associate degree at the college

You begin your WTMC experience in college preparatory courses in English, mathematics, critical thinking, and science. You must earn a minimum grade of ‘B’ and demonstrate college-ready habits of the mind prior to transitioning into the college portion of the program.

The transition to college courses is a critical part of our program, and is determined by WTMC faculty. We talk with each student individually, assessing both your academic skills and soft skills. A student who does not transition to college courses cannot graduate from WTMC.

Once you are ready to move to 100-level college classes, you take these core subjects:

Core Subjects Course Name College Course Title


ENG 111

Literature Course


Composition I

Literature Based Elective


MTH 176 or

MTH 160 or

MTH 125

College Algebra

Basic Statistics

Everyday College Math


BIO 101

CEM 111 or CEM 090

PHY 111 or 105 or 110

Concepts of Biology and lab

General Chemistry and lab

General Physics I and lab

Social Studies

PLS 112

Social Science Elective

Introduction to American Government

Social Science Elective

Online Learning

Online or Blended course

Student Elective

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Picking a certificate or degree to complete is an important decision that you make after evaluating your strengths and interests. WTMC staff helps you and your parents to sift through the many options and to make an informed decision. We call this process program pathways.

Approved programs

More on approved programs 

Graduation requirements

Graduation requirements

Soft skills

You’ll learn time-management, communication, and organizational skills that you need to be successful.  Learn more about soft skills.

Learning & disability support

Learning and disability support services at WTMC. 


WTMC Policies. 

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