Time Capsule

The picture perfect day (Free College Day) served as the official kick-off of the college’s 50th anniversary and was celebrated by the opening of a 25-year-old time capsule.

The unveiling of the capsule’s contents was observed with great anticipation by all those who attended the opening ceremony – which included current WCC President Dr. Rose B. Bellanca, many past Trustees, current Trustees, Chair of the BOT Dr. Richard Landau and a wide array of WCC faculty, staff, and administrators – many of whom have spent years serving the college with great distinction and honor.

The capsule’s contents contained photos and programs of campus events, items of relevance from the time period (a slide rule) and messages of goodwill from those involved in compiling the contents in 1990. A highlight was a taped interview from former WCC President Gunder Myran – who spoke of the incredible growth of the college since its inception and its value to Washtenaw county residents. He concluded his remarks with heartfelt sentiments and best wishes for those who would follow in his footsteps over the next twenty-five years.

After the capsule’s contents were shared with the ceremony attendees – they were put on display in the Morris Lawrence building to be viewed and enjoyed by the hundreds of people who attended Free College Day.

The capsule’s contents now reside in the Bailey Library for WCC students and members of the community to enjoy. There are plans to bury another time capsule in the Fall of 2016.

City of Ann Arbor’s For Your Information with Dana Denha included our time capsule opening and celebration in its weekly program (time 0:38-2:17 of this video).

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