Mind Your Mental Health

Mind Your Mental Health


July is BIPOC Mental Health Month

WCC Counselors - June 30, 2022

In the spirit of Bebe Moore Campbell, this month highlights the challenges and struggles that Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) face when accessing mental health care.

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

WCC Counselors - April 27, 2022

WCC has personal counselors available to assist students through difficult life experiences.

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Mood tracker

What are mood trackers?

WCC Counselors - March 19, 2022

Mood trackers are not new to the mental health profession. For many years, mental health therapists have encouraged clients to begin tracking their moods to help both parties notice any patterns.

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When is it time to check in with a mental health providor?

WCC Counselors - February 25, 2022

Your primary care doctor wants to see you each year for a physical exam to make sure everything is going well and to identify potential medical conditions. Our mental health should be treated the same way.

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The Winter Blues is a Thing

WCC Counselors - February 09, 2022

The Winter Blues, yes, they are real. Winter days are short, the sun is an occasional visitor. This may make the days dreary and the nights endless. This may not just be in your head.

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Transitioning to Post-Pandemic Life

WCC Counselors - July 15, 2021

During times of stress, connecting with your support system is one of the most important factors in improving your mental and emotional health.

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Awareness Month

WCC Counselors - May 14, 2021

Established in 1949, the goal of Mental Health Awareness Month is to put a spotlight on the importance of mental health and wellness.

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Stress Less During Finals Week

WCC Counselors - April 16, 2021

According to a MentalHelp study, 89% of college students were stressed at least two to four times per semester and 30% said they were stressed for almost the entire semester. Finals were the biggest source of stress for 31% of students surveyed.

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Supporting Students in Recovery

WCC Counselors - March 15, 2021

Dependence on alcohol and other drugs is a serious national public health issue touching rich and poor, all regions of the country, and all ethnic and social groups.

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Minority Mental Health

WCC Counselors - February 18, 2021

The American Psychiatric Association reports that in many communities, racial/ethnic, gender and sexual minorities often suffer from poor mental health outcomes due to multiple factors. Some of these factors include inaccessibility of high-quality mental health services, cultural stigma surrounding mental health care, discrimination and overall lack of awareness about mental health. It is important we all do our part in minimizing the service gaps and promoting equal opportunities for care.

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