Student success at WCC is guaranteed

Washtenaw Community College graduates are ready to join the workforce or transfer to a four-year institution. That’s not braggadocio. It’s a guarantee.

Student Success GuaranteeThe WCC Board of Trustees recently approved updates to the college’s Assurance of Student Success policy, reaffirming the college’s commitment to the highest educational standards.

In short, the policy states that if students with a WCC associate degree aren’t prepared for the next step in their lives — be it in an entry-level employment situation, or pursuing a bachelor’s degree — they can return to WCC to retake courses tuition-free.

“The policy speaks to the value we hold with our educational partners and, most importantly, emphasizes our promise to all WCC students — and that is to ensure their success both in the workplace and in the classroom,” WCC President Dr. Rose B. Bellanca said.

The policy assures students, employers and education partners at four-year institutions that all WCC degree graduates will have the knowledge and performance skills required for their major program.

First approved on September 13, 1988, the Assurance of Student Success affirms that students who earn WCC degrees with a “C” average or better are fully competent at the associate degree level. Any student who does not demonstrate the skills normally expected in a particular occupational field will be permitted to retake courses without an additional tuition charge.

Similarly, transfer students with a “C” average or better who do not demonstrate the requisite knowledge or competency to be successful in junior year-level courses at a four-year institution will be permitted to retake courses tuition-free. 

For complete policy details, visit Policy 3010. For information on determining eligibility, contact the WCC Dean of Students/Ombudsman at