Meet Betsy Petoskey, New WCC Foundation Chair

Published on Oct 28, 2014 10:26am

On The Record

Newly elected Foundation Board Chair Betsy Petoskey is looking forward to the new school year. She will play a key role in leading the Washtenaw Community College Foundation to raise money for tuition assistance and support services such as childcare and transportation.

“I am excited to work with so many wonderful volunteers for a cause we passionately support with our time, talent and resources,” Petoskey said.

This year, the Board will focus on developing avenues to support innovation and technological advances on campus, Petoskey added. “The goal is always to help ensure WCC students successfully attain their educational goals.”

Joining Petoskey for the 2014- 15 year are Board of Directors: Jamie Buhr, Norman Herbert, Laurie Wadham, Joni Bradley, Robert Chapman, Sean Duval, Robert Aldrich, Kristin Brandemuehl, Stefani Carter, Katherine Farrell, Carole Holmes, Tom Lamb, Scott Miller, Bill Milliken, Jeffrey Patton, John Petz, Benjamin Rodgers, Paul Schutt, Gloria Thomas and Lynn Wooten.

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