Meet Jamie Buhr

Published on Oct 21, 2014 5:26pm

Jamie Buhr is more than the chair-elect of the Washtenaw Community College Foundation. He’s also one of the college’s biggest cheerleaders.

Buhr has been involved with the Foundation board as a donor and as a part of the finance committee. His family also supplies scholarships to WCC students.

“There are a lot of potential students who haven’t had the resources or the family example that make a path to a four-year college clear,” Buhr said. “WCC, along with the Foundation, provides a platform for those individuals to establish a path to an associate degree, a four-year degree to a job.”

Buhr sees the difference WCC can make not just for its students, but also for the Ann Arbor community. “The world economically has changed. It’s very competitive, and for a lot of industries that used to be great avenues for lifetime employment it is no longer the case—not only with young people but middle aged people as well,” Buhr said. “We need affordable places that can help individuals either improve or change their career direction. And that’s exactly what WCC provides.”

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