WCC freezes tuition

Published on Apr 4, 2014 1:19pm by Bruce Maxwell,

Students who register early for WCC’s Fall Semester can lock in current tuition rates.

To qualify for the tuition freeze, students must do two things by July 31:

  1. Register for fall classes
  2. Pay their tuition or arrange a payment plan

A class schedule for Fall Semester is available on WCC’s website. Fall Semester starts Aug. 22 and ends Dec. 15.

On Aug. 1, tuition will increase $2 per credit hour for in-district students, $3 per hour for out-of-district students, $4 per hour for out-of-state students, and $32 per hour for international students. International students were previously charged the out-of-state rate.

In addition, tuition will increase $9 per hour for online classes. All students pay the same rate for online classes.

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