Advanced Learning Technology

An image of TurningPoint Clickers

In addition to supporting Classroom and Event technologies on WCC's campus, Media Services also supports and promotes new and emerging learning technologies. These technologies help to provide innovative learning environments in the classroom and can provide new ways for Instructors to present content to students.

While some of the Advanced Learning Technologies, such as TurningPoint Clickers and the Lecture Capture systems are available for use, other technology programs are still in development and are not yet available for wide-spread use.

Advanced Learning Technology can be requested by contacting the Media Services Department directly at 734-973-3382.

TurningPoint Clickers

TurningPoint is a "student response system" that allows Microsoft PowerPoint to become a powerful interactive teaching tool.

Lecture Capture

The Lecture Capture System allows instructors to simultaneously record classroom PowerPoint presentations, faculty videos and audio, and PC Screen Capture to a single presentation for later student review.

Media Services offers a wide variety of technologies available for use in the classroom or on a Personal Checkout basis.