SmartPairs and SmartTerms

Go part-time by choosing a SmartPair, Go full-time by building a SmartTerm

Only WCC offers SmartPairs and SmartTerms! These specifically chosen 7-week online courses allow you to rapidly make progress towards your transfer goal. With SmartPairs you can focus on one class at a time to complete double the transferable credits in a semester, as a part-time student. Or, with a SmartTerm, you can focus on two classes at a time, with a full-time (minimum 12 credit hour) schedule. SmartPairs and SmartTerms are offered in Science, Math, English, Business, Social Science and Humanities. You can complete your General Education Requirements with SmartTerms in two semesters with one class in the Summer.

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Want to try a SmartTerm?

With so many options it may not be clear which SmartPairs to choose. Talk with a program advisor or counselor if you need support with class selection.

Fall SmartPair Choices

Science and Math Readiness

  Course   CRN Credit Hours   Course   CRN Credit Hours
First 7.5 Weeks Second 7.5 Weeks
MTH 160: Basic Statistics 95915 4 MTH 160: Basic Statistics 95592 4
      ENV 105: Introduction to Environment & Society 96188 3
      MTH 097: Everyday College Math 96379 4
      GLG 100: Introduction to Earth Science & Lab 96409 4


English Composition and Oral Communication

  Course   CRN Credit Hours Course   CRN Credit Hours
First 7.5 Weeks Second 7.5 Weeks
COM 101: Fundamentals of Speaking 96418
3 ENG 226: Composition II 96503 3
ENG 111: Composition I 96493
4 ENG 111: Composition I 96505 4



  Course   CRN Credit Hours Course   CRN Credit Hours
First 7.5 Weeks Second 7.5 Weeks
BMG 140: Introduction to Business 95190 3 ACC 122: Principles of Accounting II 97274 4
ACC 111: Principles of Accounting I 97273 3      


Social Science and Humanities

  Course   CRN Credit Hours Course   CRN Credit Hours
First 7.5 Weeks Second 7.5 Weeks
PHL 101: Introduction to Philosophy 96495 3 PHL 101: Introduction to Philosophy 96504 3
PSY 100: Introduction to Psychology 96489 3 SOC 100: Introduction to Sociology 96498


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