Program Requirement Options

Selecting the program year for meeting graduation requirements

In meeting program requirements for graduation, you must complete your program based on the requirements in effect for a particular academic year.

You may use the program requirements in effect during the academic year in which you:

  • Started taking classes
  • Initially enrolled in your program (if the program is still active)
  • Changed your program
  • Completed your program

You can find the different academic years on your program page.

Note: Returning students who have not taken classes at WCC for 2 or more academic years must meet the program requirements in effect at the time they are readmitted.

Discontinued programs

When a program is discontinued, you are given a specified amount of time to complete the program (usually 3 years), after which you must change to a different program. If you change programs, you should see a program advisor to select appropriate courses and make course substitutions as necessary.

Course substitutions

Courses required for a program of study may be substituted by other courses only with the approval of:

  • Your program advisor,
  • The appropriate division dean, and
  • The vice president for Instruction.

A course substitution form must be filed with the Student Records Office.

Waiver of program requirements

Under extreme circumstances, a required course may be waived with the approval of your program advisor, the division dean, and the vice president for instruction. You must file a Waiver of Program Requirements form with the Student Records Office.