To be eligible for graduation with a Certificate from Washtenaw Community College you must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Fulfill the prescribed requirements of your specific certificate curriculum including courses, credit hours, and/or hours of attendance. (See Programs of Study Section for specific requirements.) Courses numbered below 100 do not count toward graduation for the Certificate. Courses numbered 051 and below do not count toward graduation for the Certificate of Completion.
  2. Complete a minimum of 50% of the total credits required as "residence credit" for each certificate pursued except for the Certificate of Completion, which requires that all credit hours (if there are any) be completed as residence credit. Credit for prior learning, including credit by exam and transfer credit, may not be used as residence credit.
  3. Earn a minimum cumulative and program grade point average (GPA) of 2.0.
  4. If applicable, earn the minimum grade point average (GPA) specified for your program.
  5. To earn a second certificate in the same program area, you must complete at least nine additional credit hours, including the specific course requirements in the curriculum.
  6. Meet all financial and library obligations to the College.
  7. File an Application for Graduation form. (See Application for Graduation.)