WCC Academics

Washtenaw Community College offers over 100 programs of study and transfer options that will allow any student the ability to complete their academic goals.  We offer transfer options to schools in the Ann Arbor area like the University of Michigan or Eastern Michigan or to schools across the entire state and country.

Transfer Options

Washtenaw Community Colleges offers a number of transfer options to schools in Michigan.  As the number one transfer school to the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University, students are given great guidance on how to make the transfer process easy.  If a student is hoping to transfer to the University of Michigan, we offer the MTA agreement for students to easily follow.  We provide transfer guides and articulation agreements to other schools to make the transfer process to other schools very easy.  If a student does not know where they would like to attend in Michigan, students follow the Michigan Transfer Agreement which allows them to take courses and decide on their program of study and transfer school at a later time.

Academic Advising

The American educational system is often different in college compared to other countries.  Here, students are paired with an advisor who can help the students with any questions, concerns, or advice the student needs regarding the selection of the courses and programs.  The International Student Center (ISC) advisor provides advising to help a student in this process of selecting their appropriate courses, degrees, and transfer colleges or universities.  For help with your academic selections, please call 734-677-5158 to schedule an appointment.

Career Advising

Don’t know what you want to study or do for a career?  The International Student Center (ISC) provides career assessments to help a student through the process of searching for which career would be best for you interests and abilities.  We can provide testing in the Myers Briggs personality assessment or the Strong Interest Inventory.  For career appointments, please call 734-677-5158.