ESL Placement Testing

Placement testing is used to place students in the appropriate courses for Speaking/Listening, Writing/Grammar, and Reading.  The assessment will initially be taken in Orientation during the first hour and is timed, lasting 1 hour.  After the first time it can be taken in the Testing Center once more and then (SC 300) every three months after the initial assessment.  Please see the resources below for preparation help.

ESL Placement Test Preparation Resources

ESL Conversation Groups

The International Student Center provides weekly
conversation groups in the Center to heESL-4lp students improve their spoken English.  During the sessions, professional tutors use games, assignments, videos, and fun interactive activities to help students improve.  Check with the International Student Center to see about
time offerings for the current semester.

ESL Student Club

Students are also encouraged to join our newly created ESL Club where students come together to learn and experience American culture through various academic activities, social events, and club meetings.

ESL Tutoring ResourcesESL Students

At Washtenaw Community College, Learning Support Services provides excellent tutoring services to students interested in bettering their language skills.  These resources can help students to do better in the courses and help them progress towards taking regular college courses.