Planned Giving

Many of us ponder the idea of immortality, but know it’s not a reality. Though we think of how our loved ones—children, spouses, grandchildren—will be cared for in the future, we don’t often think about how else to extend our reach to assist others long after we’re gone.

Washtenaw Community College Foundation has established an endowment program to ensure that all students can get a college education, regardless of financial condition. We invite you to join in this effort by including the Washtenaw Community College Foundation in your will or trust.

Planned gifts and bequests from friends like you are the single greatest source of endowment funds; our financial foundation for the future.

There are many other ways to designate the Washtenaw Community College Foundation as part of your legacy. Consult your financial advisor, attorney, trust officer or the Washtenaw Community College Foundation to determine the option that is best for you and your circumstances. You’ll be surprised how simple it can be to make the ultimate gift.

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