STEM Clubs


The STEM Club welcomes all WCC students interested in fields of science, technology, engineering and math whether they are pursuing a STEM degree or not. The purpose of the club is to be educational and fun while offering students experiences to use for their resumes helping to build future career connections.


Washtenaw Community College Mathematics Club’s mission is to deepen the mathematical understanding of students at any math level. We strive to create the environment for talented students to foster their analytical and creative thinking. Whether it is through solving Putnam Competition problems or hosting thought-provoking workshops, we go beyond the curriculum and challenge our mathematical understanding. As a Student Organization of Washtenaw Community College, we see ourselves as part of close-knit community where our success and the community’s success are bound together. That’s why we provide free tutoring for all WCC students.


We are a group of students who are interested in environmental sustainability issues. We are a club that revolves around recycling, environmental volunteer work and other environmental issues.

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