Request a Refund

If you need to drop a college credit class or your class is cancelled by WCC, you can receive a tuition refund. If you drop your classes by the drop deadline, WCC will issue a refund 4-6 weeks after classes start.

For information on refunds for non-credit classes, contact or 734-677-5060.

When you are eligible for a refund?

You may receive a refund if you drop your classes by the drop deadline. The deadlines vary depending on the length of the course.

 Refund eligibility

Course length Deadline to drop

12 or more weeks

The 12th calendar day of the session

2-11 weeks

One calendar day for each week the course is scheduled to meet, for example, 10 days for 10-week courses, 5 days for 5-week courses, etc.

2 weeks

Before the first class meeting

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Check WCC’s calendar for this year's drop deadline dates.

If the refund deadline falls on a non-business day of the college, the refund deadline will be set as the next official business day.

The refund deadline does not apply to course section changes or to instructor-approved course level changes processed within a part-of-term.

What isn’t refundable

  • All fees except technology/enrollment fee are non-refundable.
  • If you drop or add courses after the official refund deadline, you are not eligible for a refund and must pay the tuition for the added classes.

How to receive a refund?

The refund method depends on how you paid your tuition:

  • If you paid by credit card, WCC will refund the original credit card used for payment.
  • If you paid by cash, check, or electronic check, your refund check will be mailed. Get your refund faster by signing up for direct deposit.

For Financial Aid refund dates please see the Financial Aid Refund Schedule.

Sign up for direct deposit

  • Login to MyWCC.
  • Select Student Services.
  • Choose Direct Deposit Student Refunds.
  • Click on HELP at the top of the Direct Deposit menu in MyWCC if you need help.
  • E-mail for more help.
  • Sign up every academic year.

If your student account shows your refund was issued and you have not received it, please fill out a claim of non-receipt form (also available at the Cashier's Office).

Special circumstances

If you experience an unexpected situation that prevents you from completing the semester, you can apply for a refund exception.

If your refund exception is approved, you will receive a voucher for the tuition you paid except in cases of unpaid balances, financial aid, veterans’ benefits, or third-party payments. The voucher is good for one year to use toward the tuition and fees of WCC credit classes.

Learn more about documenting and obtaining a refund exception.

Financial aid

If you received financial aid, verify the status of your aid with the Financial Aid office approximately 2 weeks after making your final schedule change.

  • Login to MyWCC.
  • Select Student Services Student Records Account Summary


  • Select Financial Aid

If you received federal aid and did not complete 60% of the semester, we are required by federal regulation to calculate a refund for you, known as Return of Title IV.

If you received more aid than you earned, the excess aid must be returned by WCC and/or the student. See our complete Return of Title IV refund policy.