Apprenticeship training: Good for business

Connect with job seekers looking to develop new skills through structured, on-the-job training. Become part of a network of over 150,000 employers in more than 1,000 occupations that participate in registered apprenticeship programs.

Maximize your company’s potential through the registered apprenticeship programs by:

  • Recruiting and developing a highly-skilled workforce
  • Improving productivity and the bottom line
  • Reducing turnover costs by increasing employee retention
  • Creating industry-driven and flexible training solutions

Get started with Washtenaw Community College

Explore the opportunities for registered apprenticeships with the WCC apprenticeship team. First steps include:

  • Meet to discuss the benefits and details of creating and promoting in-house apprenticeship programs
  • Work together to align WCC programs and courses relevant to your specific needs
  • Connect you with the Michigan Department of Labor and support you through the DOL registration process