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January 1970

Technical & Industrial building opens on permanent Huron River Drive campus

Later that year

Exact Sciences building, later renamed the Crane Liberal Arts and Sciences building open

Timeline-September-1970September 1970

Classes convene on the new campus, Willow Run temporary campus closed

January 1972

Michigan House Fiscal Agency lists WCC as having “exceptional vocational-technical programs”

February 1975

President Ponitz leaves WCC and David Pollack, dean of administration, serves as acting (interim) president

Timeline-June-1975June 1975

First extension opens on Huron Street in Ypsilanti

Timeline-July-1975July 1975

Dr. Gunder Myran appointed WCC president

September 1975

WCC noncredit offerings begin

WCC nursing program begins

December 1975

First student study abroad program is offered—Mexico

September 1976

The Learning Materials Center, later named the Student Center building, opens

September 1978

For the first time more women than men enroll in WCC classes