stem students

WCC STEM Program

The WCC STEM Scholars Program was created to encourage, support and facilitate success for students interested in STEM careers and seeking degrees in STEM disciplines.

What is STEM?

STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) Below is an overview of STEM areas, but this is not an inclusive list.

  • Science: natural sciences: biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, zoology, microbiology, agricultural sciences, marine biology. physical sciences: astronomy, chemistry, physics, geology, environmental science, meteorology.
  • Technology: computer/information sciences, computer programming/sciences, robotics.
  • Engineering: aerospace, agriculture, biomedical, mechanical, electrical, nuclear, petroleum, civil, chemical, environmental, geological, marine.
  • Math: actuarial science, mathematics, operations research analysis, statistics.


  • Our world needs more innovators, problem solvers and creative thinkers.
  • STEM fields require diverse teams and perspectives to foster innovation.
  • STEM careers are collaborative requiring a variety of skills. There is constant learning which keeps your job interesting!
  • STEM occupations are projected to grow by 8.9 percent from 2014 to 2024, compared to 6.4 percent growth for non- STEM occupations.
  • STEM jobs earn higher salaries than non-STEM jobs. The average annual entry level STEM salary (BA/BS Degree) is $66,123.
  • Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Lockheed Martin and NASA are some of the biggest organizations recruiting STEM graduates.

Currently, we are accepting applications for the STEM Scholars program. This bridges program will offer WCC STEM Scholars comprehensive social, academic and financial opportunities. WCC has partnered with four Michigan universities (Michigan State University, University of Michigan, Wayne State University and Western Michigan University) and Mott Community College in a National Science Foundation grant (NSF). For more information, see programs/scholarships.