Emergency Phone Locations

Emergency phones are available to contact the Public Safety department in cases of emergency. The locations of the phones are below. The indoor house phone locations can be found by using the Room Locator, they are denoted by the blue telephone symbol ( house_phone ).

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Outdoor Emergency Phone Locations

  1. Southeast end of Parking Lot 1
  2. Northeast end of Parking Lot 2
  3. Sidewalk along Parking Lot 3
  4. Northwest end of Parking Lot 4
  5. West end of the GM Building
  6. Southwest end of Parking Lot 7
  7. North end of Parking Lot 7
  8. North end of the GM Building
  9. Northeast entrance of the TI Building
  10. Northwest entrance of the OE Building
  11. East of Health and Fitness Center

Parking Structure

  1. Level 1 (ground) Northwest corner
  2. Level 1 (ground) Northeast corner
  3. Level 2 Northwest corner
  4. Level 2 Northeast corner
  5. Level 3 Northwest corner
  6. Level 3 Northeast corner
  7. Level 4 (Roof) Northwest corner
  8. Level 4 (Roof) Northeast corner