Mentoring Program for New Hires

The organizational culture has both conscious and unconscious components and both elements get transmitted to new organizational members. Their ability to translate these elements- to read and respond to the “visible and invisible group”- determines whether they are able to survive in the organization.

~ Sandra L. Bloom



The purpose of the WCC Mentoring Pilot Program is to assist the transition of new employees into our institution. This Program strives to build a stronger, more cohesive community by removing barriers that a new employee may encounter.

Creating an atmosphere where a new employee has the ability to freely ask questions and gain knowledge about our institution through networking with departmental leaders and staff.


The goals of mentoring for the mentor, mentee and college are to:

  • Provide an opportunity to communicate college’s mission/vision/values
  • Encourage mutual respect
  • Increase knowledge of WCC ’s formal and informal institutional structure
  • Reduce stress and adversity
  • Facilitate problem resolution
  • Acclimate employee to campus culture
  • Foster professional development
  • Practice leadership skills
  • Develop leadership talent
  • Support innovative work environment
  • Create a support network
  • Foster meaningful, diverse relationships

Voluntary Program

Primary functions of a voluntary mentoring program here at WCC will be linked to organization development, support and training. This will be one-on-one mentoring.


Creating a college wide mentoring program is not going to address every challenge that new employees will face at WCC. We recognized that there will still be employee turnover and that not all new employees will transition smoothly. The mentor is not solely responsible for the successful transition of new employees with the College, but rather serves as a resource of help to assist in their transition. We also recognize that mentor/mentee matches may not be an ideal or good fit. We have implemented review system to give mentors and mentees the opportunity to address their concerns and possibly find a match that is a better fit. Finally, we believe that this program can only be successful if it is optional for new employees. Like our student body, the employees at WCC are incredibly diverse and so are their specific needs. We hope that the program will be attractive to all new hires, but acknowledge that it will not be for everyone.