Through the use of Tracy’s UltraTime System, part-time staff (including advisors, lab assistants, student workers and work-study employees) now have the capability of using the fob system to fob in and out, which eliminates the need for timesheets. Furthermore, full-time hourly staff and part-time staff (including professional service, counselors, librarians, and non-teaching faculty) have the ability to input exception and positive time online. Full-Time and Part-Time Faculty-Contract, as well as Exempt Independent staff will not be using the UltraTime system at this time. So what are the advantages of using UltraTime?

  • Paperless
  • Secure system
  • Ability to view approvals
  • System allows for data entry changes
  • View history of hours worked and/or recorded
  • Request future time off (full-time staff only)
  • Leave balances are more accurate and up-to-date
  • Reduction in errors (employee responsible for their own data entry or fobbing in and out)

UltraTime Fob Operation Instructions

Fob Request Form

When completing this form for your part-time staff and work study students, please write “For UltraTime Purposes”.


Payroll Schedule

 Ultra Time Help

E-mail for UltraTime assistance regarding the following issues:

  • Setting up proxies
  • Technical problems
  • Key fob issues
  • Training
  • How to perform ultra view functions
  • Questions about exception codes
  • Building employee schedules
  • Recording time for offsite employees
  • Confirming which staff should use the fob system vs. web time entry
  • Requests for proxy set up on your behalf (providing your access through MyWCC> Employee Services and the Internet is temporarily unavailable). Please note, requests to have exempt level staff and/or faculty added to the existing proxy list should be e-mailed to

E-mail with direct issues related to:

  • Payroll hours
  • Time approvals
  • Paychecks

Email for assistance with the following issues:

  • Adding new employees
  • Terminate employee positions
  • Changing supervisors
  • Questions and/or concerns regarding employees with multiple positions
  • Requests to have exempt level staff and/or faculty added to the existing proxy list
  • Changing an employee’s status from part-time to full-time and vice versa

UltraTime Tutorials