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Why does it kick users out during active sessions, even before they reached the time out limit?

If changes are made in the setup by the UltraTime administrators, anyone logged in will be forced to re-login.

What will be the procedure if an employee forgets their fob or cannot fob in and out? Will the employee be able to manually enter their in and out time on the fob machine or in the self-service system?

No, the employee will not be able to manually enter their in and out time on the fob machine or within the self-service system. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to enter the appropriate start and stop times for these employees.

How do we enter college holidays on the system?

Employees and supervisors should not enter any holiday time for any group on campus. The UltraTime system is designed to automatically populate holiday hours for eligible employees.

I missed the cutoff time and date to submit my time, so how can this time be entered?

If an employee fails to enter their time prior to the cut off date, it is the responsibility of the supervisor to enter these missing hours. Otherwise, the employee will not be paid.

If I have difficulty logging into UltraTime, who should I contact?

If you are experiencing difficulty logging into MyWCC, please contact HRM. However, if you experience problems with the UltraTime link within MyWCC, please contact the Helpdesk at (734) 973-3456 or send an e-mail to

My supervisor declined my requested future time, now it’s locked. How can I remove this information off my calendar?

Once the request has been declined, only the supervisor can remove this item. Therefore, notify your supervisor if you would like this item removed.

If an employee has more than one job on campus, how will they know which distribution code to select?

When fobbing in or inputting hours in UltraTime Web, employees with more than one job will automatically have the job titles listed next to the distribution code. Employees with one job will only see the distribution code and not the job description.

Do I have to use my 8 hour floating holiday on one day or can this be split between two or more days?

The Floating Holiday can only be used one time in an 8 hour increment. If you use less than 8 hours, you will be charged the entire 8 hours.

How many personal days can I use in a row?

Two (2) consecutive personal days is the maximum allowed.

What’s the timeout limit in UltraTime?

30 Minutes is the default timeout.

How can I make changes to my future leave request?

If the requested time still displays in yellow, along with appropriate letter, you can remove this requested time by clicking the drop down arrow next to Request and select the same absence code, along with the same hours. Click the cell to deduct and remove the hours. Return to the drop down list for Request to update the request. Click the Refresh button when done. If the time was already approved, contact the supervisor and ask that they disapprove it. Once disapproved, the cell will turn to red on both the employees screen and the supervisors. At that time, only the supervisor will be able to remove the item.



For Supervisors

If you change the view in UltraTime to 2, 3, or 4 weeks, the dates that appear are barely visible. Can these colors be changed to make the dates more visible?

Unfortunately, since each day of the month is an individual image file, these colors cannot be changed.

In the 2, 3, or 4 weeks view, can the month be added somewhere, so you know for sure which month you’re viewing.

The UltraTime administrators are currently looking for a means to denote the different months in the 2, 3, or 4 week views.

What does the exception code DC represent and how can I correct this?

The DC represents a missing Distribution Code. To correct this problem in UltraTime, click the cell with the DC and tab through until the Distribution Code populates. Once this is populated, Apply the changes.

Under Schedules > Multiple Punch, how should lunch be entered in UltraTime?

Within the Multiple Punch window, lunch hours should be entered as a positive number, such as .5 for ½ hour.

On the schedules tab, how can you go back and view details of an existing created schedule? For example, if I click on someone’s schedule, it opens a window without detail. How can I determine how much lunch time I granted someone?

This depends on how you entered the initial schedule. If you created the schedule to recur weekly, click the DOW radio button on the UltraView window. Once this is selected, click the cell to view the schedule details, including the work hours and lunch.

When clicking a person’s name, what exactly is the Crew Code? Should supervisors enter O for days the employee is off, such as Saturday and Sunday?

Crew code is only used if there is a department schedule for every day and since this is not the case on WCC’s campus, this feature is not being used.

When clicking a person’s name, what is the rotating group, rotating week, etc.?

If there are employees that work the same schedule based on a two or more week rotation, these fields would be used and since this is not the case on WCC’s campus, this feature is not being used.

Can you copy one employee’s schedule to another?

Unfortunately, schedules cannot be copied from one employee to another. However, if more than one employee has the same work schedule, supervisors can tag their names, click the Global button, then proceed to build the schedule for those employees.

Where can I print the supervisor’s user manual?

After logging into UltraTime, click the UltraView link or tab. Within this view, click the Help button, then Help Manual.

I made a mistake on an employee’s schedule. How can I remove the schedule and start over?

On the UltraView window, click either the DOW or Date radio button, depending on how you set up the original schedule (if the cell is blue, this means the Date button was selected). Once the appropriate button is selected, left click the cell with the incorrect schedule. This would then allow you to delete the recurring schedule or schedule for that particular date.

How can I approve or disapprove time requested in the future?

If an employee’s cell is yellow, this represents a future request. To approve this future time, click the Absences tab within the UltraView window, right click the yellow cell, then check either the Approved or Declined radio button. If declined, please add a message stating your reason.

If my employee takes unscheduled PTO time off, how can I make a note?

Within the UltraView window, click the Absences tab, then left click the date cell in question. After adding your comment on the same row as the PTO listed, click Apply, then Exit.

When viewing an employee’s fob reader detail for a specific day, why does IP (In Punch) and OP (Out Punch) have “X’s” beneath the column, instead of I or O.?

The X’s stand for transfer punch; the employee was selecting the Transfer button instead of IN or OUT before swiping their FOB. This function is reserved for people who have multiple jobs. Transfer is the preferred method of changing jobs during the day (as opposed to clocking out of the first and clocking in to the second), because there is no loss of time recorded.

When you change a person’s schedule and/or grace time, when does it become effective.

It becomes effective for any punches coming into the UltraTime system after the change.

Can I approve my time from home or offsite?

To access UltraTime from off campus, log into MyWCC, click the Employee Services Link, then proceed to click the UltraTime for Supervisors link.

Should a proxy be able to approve their own time?

It is possible for a proxy to approve their own time, but it is preferable that someone else approve the person’s time.

On the current paper timesheets, there’s a section for supervisors to sign, stating they authorize that particular person to work over 20 hours that week. How will this be handled within Ultra Time?

If the supervisor approves someone to work over twenty hours, they will approve these hours in UltraView.

How can I set up a schedule for an employee that works multiple times in the same day? For example, on Monday someone comes in and work 8a-11a, returns to work again from 2p to 5p, and then again from 7p to 9p.

  1. Right click to tag the employee’s name
  2. Click the Global button
  3. Proceed to check the DOW radio button
  4. Input the first set of hours worked on a specific day (i.e., Monday).
  5. Click OK to close the prompt to process the change window
  6. Close the Web Page Dialog box.
  7. Click Exit in the Global box.
  8. On the UltraView window, check the DOW radio button, which would allow you to set the other hours as reoccurring.
  9. Left click within the same cell that has the first set of hours (this will open a Schedules Dialog box).
  10. On the New row, enter the Scheduled Start and Stop Times.
  11. Enter the Effective Start Date that the employee will begin working these hours.
  12. Click Apply
  13. Click Exit (the cell will then display in Yellow, which represents multiple schedules).


Is there a report that allows me to view how many hours an employee worked in a given fiscal year? For example, when viewing the hours for my 1100 hour employees.

To view the employee’s hours within the fiscal year, run the Yearly Attendance Calendar. Enter the Start and Stop Dates for the fiscal year, then click Submit. The employee’s hours will be tallied at the top.

If an employee fails to enter their hours during a specific pay period prior to the 11:00 a.m. Monday cutoff, how would they submit these hours to Payroll?

After the 11:00 a.m. cutoff, supervisors have until the end of the business day to e-mail payroll the information for each missed employee. This will allow them to receive their paycheck for that pay period. If the supervisor fails to submit this information by the end of the business day, the employee will have to wait for the next pay period to receive their pay.

How do I record unpaid time for an employee who has no time available?

Within the UltraView window, click the Absences tab, then click the date cell in question. Enter the hours, tab through position code, type LNP (Leave No Pay), and then click apply. Leave the box checked under paid and if necessary, add a comment.

After the 11:00 a.m. cutoff, how can I make changes to an employee’s hours and or absences?

After the cutoff, supervisors will be required to contact Payroll and request that they make the changes. It is recommended that you e-mail the Payroll Department at

For employees who have schedules built, will the grace start and end have anything to do with fobbing in and out for lunch?

The grace start and end times do not apply to lunch. However, the system will track a long lunch (LL) or short lunch (SL) under the Hours or Exception tabs in UltraView.

If a supervisor is on vacation, how can their approvals be handled?

Each approver can set up a proxy to handle their approvals during their absence. Proxies are those who have similar job classifications as the approver. To set up proxies, supervisors will need to log into My WCC, click the Employee Services link, then click the UltraTime Setup for Proxies link. After clicking this link, click the drop down arrow to select the supervisor’s name, then click Add. Supervisors will then need to be notified that they are set up as a proxy.



Key Fob Issues

If one key fob reader is offline, does that mean they all are offline?

This depends on why a key fob reader is offline. If the UltraTime system is taken offline or the polling software is not running, all key fob readers would be offline. If it is a network issue, only those clocks that do not have a connection to the polling software would show offline.

The key fob reader displayed Offline… why would it go offline?

The key fob reader will display offline if either the network connection or the polling software is not running. Also, if the software is taken off-line, employee’s may still fob in, but the distribution code lookup will not work. Therefore, the supervisor will receive a “DC” error for that particular date in UltraTime.