How can I check my voicemail on or off campus?

  1. If on campus, dial ext. 5200 or off campus, dial (734) 677-5200
  2. Enter your extension number
  3. Press # (stop)
  4. Enter your password
  5. Press #

What is my initial password for checking voicemail?

The initial password is set to 1, plus your mailbox number.

How do I change my voicemail password?

  1. Press 84
  2. Enter your old password (if initial password, press 1 plus your mailbox number)
  3. Press # (stop)
  4. Enter your new password (at least 4 digits, cannot be the same as the extension)
  5. Press # (stop)
  6. Enter your new password again
  7. Press # (stop)

How can I stop, resume, replay, or skip through messages?

  • Your mailbox is set up to automatically play a message once you hear the header
  • To stop playback of a message, touch # (stop)
  • To resume playback, touch 2 (play)
  • To replay a message header, touch 72. (This will also give you a list of anyone who received a copy of this message.
  • Use the top two rows of your telephone keypad to move quickly through your messages.

1 Skip backward in a message

3 Skip forward in a message

4 Skip back to previous message

6 Skip forward to next message

How can I delete and/or restore voicemail messages?

  • To delete a message, touch 76. This will tag message for deletion and move it to the end of your mailbox.
  • To “undelete” a message, touch 76 again when the message plays again at the end of your mailbox.
  • Once you have disconnected, all messages tagged for deletion will be removed.

How can I leave a message without ringing a telephone?
Express Messaging is used to share information in your office without ringing a telephone.

  1. To use Express Messaging, dial 5201.
  2. “Express Messaging to mailbox” (enter the mailbox number you want to leave a message in followed by #).
  3. “Someone’s name, extension XXXX, please leave a message after the tone.” To bypass the message greeting, press #.
  4. Leave your message and hang up

How can I listen to a message and automatically place a call to the sender?

After listening to a message, you can automatically place a call to the sender of the message, if the sender is internal to your system.

  1. After listening to the message, press 9 to call the sender.
  2. Speak to the sender or leave a message.
  3. When you have finished your call, hang up.

How can I compose and send a voicemail message to one or more people?

You can compose a message to one or more people or distribution lists, then edit the message if necessary, and send it when you are ready. You address your message before recording it.

  1. While logged into Voice Messaging, press 75 “Compose.
  2. Enter a list of mailboxes” OR Distribution List #.
  3. Enter the first address (mailbox number, name address, distribution number) then press #. (If you make a mistake, press *). Repeat this process to add more addresses. End the list with an extra #.
  4. Press 5 to record. (You cannot cancel any numbers at this point). Wait for the tone, then record your message. End the recording by pressing #. To edit or tag the message before sending it, see “Tagging Messages.”
  5. To send the message, press 79 “Message Sent.”

To cancel an address entry:

To cancel the last mailbox number or distribution list number you entered, press 0#. Repeat this step for each number you want to cancel, erasing entries one at a time. After you have pressed the final #, you cannot cancel any numbers.

How can I create a distribution list?

A distribution list saves you time when you are sending a message to a group of addresses. In Personal Distribution Lists, you can add, delete, and search for numbers. Your system administrator supplies system Distribution Lists.

  1. While logged into Voice Messaging, press 85.
  2. Enter a number from 1 to 99 to identify this list, and then press #.
  3. Press 9 if you want to record a name to identify the list.
  4. Press 5 to create the list.
  5. Enter the first address (mailbox number, name address), then press #. To delete a number or name after you enter it, press 0#.
  6. When the list is complete, press #.

How can I play, edit, or delete a personal distribution list using voicemail?

  1. Press 85.
  2. Enter the distribution list number (1 to 9), and then press #.
  3. Press 5 to add numbers. Enter each number, and then press #. If the number is in the list you can delete it by pressing 76. If the number is not in the list, you can add it by pressing 5.
  4. To delete an entire list, press 76 again immediately after deleting it.
  5. To exit, press 4

How can I forward a message to another voicemail mailbox?

You can forward a message to another mailbox. You can also record an introduction to the original message.

  1. After hearing the message, press 73 “Forwarding message.”
  2. Enter the mailbox number XXXX (the mailbox number to which the message should be forwarded), then press #. Repeat this step for any other mailbox numbers or distribution lists. End by pressing #.
  3. To record an introduction, press 5, wait for the tone, then speak. End the recording by pressing #. To review the message, press 2.
  4. To send the message, press 79 “Message sent.”

How does name addressing work using voicemail?

You can use name addressing for addressing a message, for creating distribution lists, or for express messaging, by spelling the name on your telephone keypad.

When Voice Messaging prompts you for a mailbox number, enter the name-addressing prefix 11. Spell the last name, then the first. For Q, press 7, for Z, press 9. For example, to reach Patrick Hughes dial 11hughespatrick, you can stop spelling as soon as the system announces a match and places the call. If you don’t know the complete name, enter the first few letters, and then press #.

How can I record a reply to a message sender using voicemail?

You can record a reply to a message sender, and send your reply to all of the other recipients of the message, if they are known to your system.

  1. After listening to the message, press 71 “Replay to the sender of the message only.”
  2. When you are ready, press 5 (Wait for the tone, then speak).
  3. When you have finished recording, press # “Recording stopped.”
  4. To send the message, press 79 (To send your message).

NOTE: To send a replay to all recipients, at the message, press 74 then continue from step 2 above (Press 5).

How can I transfer a caller to voicemail without ringing the telephone set?

You can transfer a caller directly to a user’s mailbox without ringing the telephone set.

  1. Press Transfer.
  2. Enter 5201 “Express Messaging to Mailbox?”
  3. Enter Mailbox #.
  4. Immediately press Transfer.

How can I tag a message as urgent, private, requesting acknowledgment, or with a timed, standard, or economy delivery?

While you create a message you can tag it to indicate that you want it handled in a special way. There are six message-tagging options.

  • Urgent – Urgent messages are announced when the recipient logs in. They are sent before standard messages. You may have remote notification turned on to your pager for Urgent messages; once a message is sent urgent your pager would be notified. 701
  • Private – If a message is tagged private, the recipient of the message cannot forward it. 704
  • Acknowledge – If you tag a message for acknowledgement, you receive a confirmation message when the recipient plays your message. 705
  • Timed Delivery – You can tag a message to be sent at a specific time on a specific date – up to 365 days. 706
  • Standard Delivery
  • Economy Delivery

To tag a message before sending it (you can use one or more tags per message, and you can remove and change tags).

  1. After composing a message, calling and leaving a message, replying to a message, or forwarding a message, press #
  2. Press 70
  3. If you compose and record a message, there are six tagging options:
    • For urgent delivery, press 1
    • For standard delivery, press 2 (option currently unavailable)
    • For economy delivery, press 3 (option currently unavailable)
    • For private delivery, press 4
    • For acknowledgement, press 5
    • For timed delivery, press 6 (option currently unavailable)

    NOTE: If you call and leave a message, only urgent and private tags are available. If you are calling from your mailbox, acknowledgement is also available.

  4. To send the message, press 79

How do I record my personal verification for voicemail?

Suggestion: It works best if you have already written out your message – then you just have to read it off.

  1. Press 82
  2. Press 9 (“There is no name for personal verification at this address”)
  3. Press 5 (immediately say your first and last name)
  4. Enter your new password again
  5. Press # (stop)

If needed:

  1. Press 5 while at the beginning of the greeting to re-record your greeting
  2. Press 76 (delete)

How do I log off?
Press 83

How do I record a voicemail greeting?

Suggestion: It works best if you have already written out your message – then you just have to read it off.

  1. Press 82
  2. Press 1 to record an external greeting, 2 to record an internal greeting, or 3 to record a temporary greeting
  3. Press 5 (record)
  4. Press # (stop)
  5. Press 2 (play)

What are the voicemail basics?
Once you login to CallPilot Voice Mail system, you would most likely hear, “You have one (1) new voice message. Message one (1) new from “Someone’s Name/Extension XXXX” received today at .”