Adobe Acrobat  Pro (Create and Manage PDF documents)

  • Overview of Adobe Acrobat DC Pro
  • What is Acrobat?
  • What’s the difference between reader and pro?
  • Explore the Acrobat interface
  • Toolbars and Task panes
  • Create Adobe PDF Files
  • Document navigation
  • Create PDF documents
  • Create PDF documents from Acrobat
  • Create PDF documents from Microsoft Office
  • Create PDFs using the Print Command
  • Edit PDF documents
  • Insert, reorder, extract, replace and reduce pages
  • Merge pages from separate PDF files to create one document
  • Convert PDF to Word, Excel, or RTF

Adobe Acrobat  Pro (Fill-able Forms)

  • Creating interactive PDF forms
  • Inserting form fields
  • Set form field options
  • Protect and unprotect a form
  • Customizing Layouts
  • Submitting forms via e-mail

Banner Approvals

  • Approving and disapproving requisitions on the system
  • Disapproved Message Alert
  • View approval history
  • Locate next approver

Banner Budget

  • Viewing and printing Org Summary and Org Detail Activity Reports for year to date activities
  • Locate Org descriptions and Accounts
  • Viewing reports for Org Numbers, Accounts, Programs, and Activity Codes
  • Identify FOAPAL (Fund, Org, Acct, Program, Activity, Location) elements
  • ACS (Activities Classification Structure) descriptions

Banner Finance Overview

  • Overview of Purchasing Process
  • FOAPAL Descriptions
  • Finance Terminology

Banner Finance Query

  • Query completed requisitions
  • Locate requisitions based on requestor name or request date
  • Query document history
  • Locate vendor addresses
  • Where is requisition located in the process

Banner Finance System (Creating Requisitions)

  • Overview of Requisition process and procedures
  • Create the following types of Requisitions:
    • General Requisitions
    • Travel Blankets
    • Blanket Purchase Orders
    • Best Bids
  • Deleting Requisitions
  • Recalling Requisitions

Banner Navigation

  • Basic Terminology
  • Banner Forms
    • Navigating using keyboard shortcuts, the menu bar, and toolbar icons
    • Naming Conventions
  • Searching the database

Microsoft Excel 2016 – Core Skills

  • Understand spreadsheet terminology and components
  • Navigate within worksheets and workbooks
  • Create and edit basic worksheets
  • Perform calculations
  • Change the appearance of worksheet data by using a variety of formatting techniques.
  • Print workbook contents

Microsoft Excel 2016 Tips and Tricks
This workshop will cover a variety of topics to help participants use Excel 2016 more efficiently. Tips Covered:

  • Excel Basics
  • Navigation Techniques
  • New Excel 2016 features
  • Tables
  • Sorting/Filtering
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Slicers

Microsoft Publisher 2016 – Level I (Flyer)

  • Get familiar with the Publisher 2016 environment.
  • Modify the layout and structure of a publication.
  • Format text in a publication.
  • Edit the contents in a publication.
  • Insert and format graphics in a publication.

Microsoft Windows 10 & Office 2016 – What’s New

Windows 10

  • Tour the New Start Menu and view the improved Settings Panel (Control Panel) – App(Program listings) as well as Tile Interface.
  • Cortana/Search – Microsoft’s answer to a Personal Assistant (Siri, Google Now, etc.,)
  • Microsoft Edge – The latest browser, that will eventually replace Internet Explorer
  • File Explorer – Opens to quick access view, which shows recently opened files/folders.
  • Taskview – View open programs, as well as create multiple desktops to organize projects.
  • Snap Assist – Arrange windows without manually resizing
  • Action Center – Get notified of events, etc., all in one place, along with quick access to various system settings

Office 2016

  • Tell me – Enter word or phrases about what you want do and then Tell Me will not only show you instructions about how to do it, it will do it for you.
  • Modern attachments in Outlook – Attach a document from your recent items. Outlook keeps track of the documents you have recently worked on, whether they are stored on your computer or saved in OneDrive.

Microsoft Word 2016 – Core Skills

  • Create and edit a basic Word document.
  • Format text and paragraphs.
  • Add tables, and insert graphic objects.
  • Control page appearance.
  • Proof and print documents.

UltraTime – Schedules

  • Create a Day of Week (DOW) Schedule. A schedule is created for the same day of every week. Override a Default Work Schedule.

UltraTime Web Time Entry for Employees

  • Entering/Viewing/Correcting Hours Worked
  • Requesting Future Time Off

Ultratime Leave Time Request

  • Entering Leave Time
  • Removing/Editing Leave Time Entries

UltraTime for Supervisors

  • Entering Employee Hours
  • Making Corrections
  • Approving Hours Worked and/or Exception Time
  • Approving Requested Future Time
  • Deleting Records