The first thing you’ll see when you open Outlook is a brand new look. It’s cleaner, but it’s also designed to help you focus on what’s important with a clear view of email, calendars, and contacts.


Preview messages in the message list

Know at a glance which messages to read and tackle first.


Respond faster with inline replies

Reply with one click by typing your response right in the Reading Pane.


Use commands in the message lists for quick action

Flag, delete, or mark your messages read or unread with handy commands in the message list.


Also, with the All and Unread buttons in the inbox, you can focus on the messages you want.



Sneak a peek


Grab a quick glance at your schedule, an appointment, or details about someone you’re emailing—without, for example, having to switch from email to calendar or other modes.

See all your contact details in one place

The People Card collects all the key details about a contact in one place: phone, email, address, company info, social media updates, even whether they’re available. (If using Lync) You can also schedule a meeting directly from the card


Quickly switch between the main Outlook elements

Just above the status bar at the bottom of the screen, you’ll find a clearer view of Mail, Calendar, People, and Tasks, for easy navigation.


Customize your Inbox

Rename the folders in your Inbox and move them around to support the way you work.


Connect with without any add-ins

Outlook 2013 includes built-in support for Exchange ActiveSync, which means you don’t need a special connector add-in to connect to (formerly Hotmail). Also, if you use Tasks to plan every detail of your life, now you can sync Tasks with Outlook to put all those plans together.


Find what you want, when you want

Search email, attachments, calendar appointments and contacts to find the information you need fast.

Will it be sunny or rainy?

You don’t have to find your local weather forecast because it’s right there in Calendar view, along with current conditions.