There are times when you need to select multiple files and folders at the same time…and there are several methods to do so. The most notable include using the CTRL key and the SHIFT Key and or selecting all from the Command Bar. Visit the previous post: Select Multiple Files or Folders for instructions.

However…if you would like an easier way to select multiple files without holding down those keys you may enjoy using the new check box feature in Windows 7. This feature is turned off by default.

To turn on or enable the check box feature:

Open Windows Explorer by clicking the yellow folder on the taskbarimage

1. Click Organize on the Command Bar

2. Click Folder and Search Options

Windows Explorer Options


3. The Folder Options Dialog Box will appear

4. Click the View Tab

Folder Options Dialog Box


5. Scroll down in the Advanced settings until you see Use check boxes to select items. (located towards bottom of dialog box).

6. Click the Use Check boxes to Select items check box.

7. Click OK


Select Check boxes


8. Navigate to a location where you have multiple files saved. You should now notice a check box when you hover your mouse over any folder/file. Click desired folders/files.


Check boxes


Clicking the check boxes will allow you to select multiple folders/files with ease!

On your Desktop: You can also check icons, folders, and files you want to move, copy, or cut and paste to another location.

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