If you need to select multiple files and or folders in Windows Explorer here are several ways to do so.

1.  Open the folder that contains the files or folders you want to select.

Folder listing


To Select Files that are Right Next to Each Other:

2.  To select a consecutive group of files or folders, click the first item, hold down the SHIFT key, and then click the last item.

All the files become highlighted.


Shift - Selecting consecutive files


To select files that are not next to each other:

To select nonconsecutive files or folders, hold down CTRL, and then click each item you want to select.

Selecting Non-Consecutive Files

Note: In this Example the following files are selected…

  • kjames.jpg
  • PledgeCombos.docx
  • PledgeDatePicker.docx
  • PledgePicture.docx
  • PledgeTextControls.docx

To select all of the files or folders, on the Command Bar, click Organize, and then click Select All.

Organize - Select all - Multiple Files


Note: To cancel a selection of items, hold down CTRL, and then click the items that you don’t want to include.

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