Question:  I am using Excel 2010 and I want to view two spreadsheets side by side in two separate windows, but each time I try…they both open in the same window.  HELP!

Answer:  You are in luck, because there is a way around this! Smile 



2 excel

Example:  Chart.xls and Yearly Sales.xls opened side by side in two separate windows.


To Open 2 Separate Excel Files in 2 Separate Windows:
    1. Open your first Excel file and move it to the side of your preferred location. 
    2. Right Click the Excel icon on the Taskbar
    3. Click Microsoft Excel 2010
    4. A new Excel window will open, move it to the other side. 
    5. Click File, and then Click Open to navigate to your 2nd file.



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  • Mike

    Thanks.  Good workaround.  Still looking for a more permanent solution.

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