Ann Arbor and the Surrounding Community

Ann Arbor has been consistently ranked America’s top college cities and is a great place to get an education.  Not only is the city a great place for students, it’s a great place for international students.  There are many ethnic restaurants and markets for persons from all over the world to get the food they are accustomed to back home.  Ann Arbor is a very commuter friendly city with numerous modes of public transportation.

For new comers, having access to the basic daily needs might be challenging. This list might help our students to make that easier. Here are some markets that provide a wide variety of products that everyone needs.


It is an American retail corporation that has a chain of hypermarkets in several places across the country, discount department stores and grocery stores.


It is a regional American discount department stores and grocery stores that provides a wide variety of the costumers’ daily needs.


There are several ways that students can use to move around the Ann Arbor area. Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority (TheRide) is an affective way to do so. TheRide is a not-for-profit unit which operates the local public transit system for the greater Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti area. In the link you will find an overview of TheRide’s information and routs. Not to mention that WCC students can have their fair paid by swiping their student ID at any of TheRide buses when they are leaving college.

Another way to move around the city would be using a Taxi. Technology has found its way to that too. You can order a taxi by using your smart phone. Uber is one of the companies that can help you with that.  Lyft also provides the same kind of taxi services. For both, you’ll need to link them to your bank account in order to pay your taxi fairs.


In the United States, it is recommended that each person to have a bank account. Having a bank account will allow you to keep your cash safe and make your life easier by allowing you to pay your bills online. Individuals are allowed to set their accounts to automatically pay their bills.  It will also allow you to manage your money rather easily.

Secretary of State 

An official governmental department that has branches across the country. The Secretary of state office can help you to get your drivers license, register your vehicle, notary and document certifications. Moreover, they can help you answer your questions on what’s legal to do and what is not.

International Markets and Grocery Stores

Bombay Grocers, Indian Food store

3010 Packard Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Hua Xing Asia Market, Asian Department Store

Address: 2867 Washtenaw Ave, Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Kasoa Africa Market 

Address: 3980 Platt Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Mediterranean Market – Halal food and Middle Eastern Grocery

Address: 4019 Stone School Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48108