The Future Starts Today

One day in the not-so-distant future, every city in the country will be a “Smart City.” All transportation infrastructure will be connected. Vehicles will send and receive communication from traffic devices, making travel routes faster, safer and more efficient. Cars, light duty and commercial trucks, buses, trains and planes will all operate as a part of an intricate web of wireless technology.

This technology is developing rapidly, which means that transportation and manufacturing professionals need to stay compliant, up-to-date and innovative.

The Washtenaw Community College Advanced Transportation Center was established to meet those needs.

Why Washtenaw Community College?

Washtenaw Community College has access to the world’s leaders in connected car development. The Center is strategically located near:

  • The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI), which is currently conducting a USDOT-sponsored Connected Vehicle Safety Pilot Program.
  • M-City
  • Michigan-based automotive engineering facilities
  • US Environmental Protection Agency’s National Fuel and Emissions Laboratory
  • The Center for Automotive Research (CAR)
  • The Mobility Transformation Center
  • University of Michigan Schools of Engineering and Information
  • The Willow Run National Center for Connected and Automated Vehicles
  • Merit Network
  • Offices of Google

Preparing professionals and skilled laborers for the industries of:

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems, especially vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication
  • Advanced Manufacturing, such as the latest manufacturing machines, tools and processes, including light-weighting materials
  • Automotive Services, especially testing, development, maintenance and repair, including Ford F-150 grade aluminum bodies